Who We Are and What We Do

MarketplaceforMusicians.com has been created to provide an on-line, open marketplace for anyone involved in the music industry. Musician-Artists and Suppliers can buy and sell original creations, products, resources, equipment and anything else that one needs to support that musical habit!  And what better audience than that of your fellow musicians.

Gone are the days when musicians have spent hours creating beautiful musical products only to see them shelved with no further use. On MarketplaceforMusicians.com one can buy and sell their artful creations. If you are looking to shop, buy or turn those supplies into cash, you need to join MarketplaceforMusicians.com to create your own store. Don't throw away your creations or just let them sit…..sell them!

Responding to a Competitive Industry

The competition for musicians has never been higher. Technology has allowed the industry to move at warp speed, not only in the quality of products but also in the ease of distribution (if you have the backing). So easy that, it has become harder for the individual artist to protect their creations and to be heard by the right audience.

Trying to make money through the large distribution networks such as i-Tunes, Google Play, Pandora and Spotify is frustrating for the Musician-Artist. Sure, any musician can list their creations on these, millions do, but that in itself is problematic. A vast majority of these listings will never get played even one time! Equally frustrating to the Musician-Artist are the various commission payouts required, if their song even gets played. Musician are left with pennies on their original sale of around 99 cents per creation.

We know there are tens of thousands of men and women who make music, many of whom would love to do this as a full-time occupation or even earn a little “pocket” money. These talented Musician-Artists, are in no position to compete with the well-funded superstars and the big distributors are not the answers as their music gets lost in a sea of millions of competing products. What they need is a way to get their products into the hands to their fans and consumers, and we provide that.

Our Story

MarketplaceforMusicians.com owners are Internet Marketing professionals who can get ALL your products to the market in a way that makes financial sense.

Through MarketplaceforMusicians.com, musician buyers and sellers now can create and operate their own “store” with little to no overhead. Our business model gives the musician the opportunity to operate their own “store,” be always open, create your own perpetual inventory at no cost other than your time, receive daily sales updates, with no initial investment, no franchise fees, no brick and mortar storefronts and a website that is optimized for the music industry? 

We would love for you to join us! To become a member of Marketplace for Musicians community, Sign up here.